Akihiko Usui M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chairman
Department of Cardiac Surgery,
Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

Akihiko Usui

The 73rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery (JATS) will be held at the Nagoya International Convention Center from October 28 (Wed) to 31st (Sat), 2020. This is the 3rd time of JATS annual meeting held in Nagoya and it is a great honor of Nagoya University Thoracic Surgery Unit.

The Board of JATS directors has been discussing how to manage the annual meeting, which is the largest project of the society. We adapt a three chairpersons system to utilize the annual meeting maximally for each field and the 73rd annual meeting is the first trial. I am a congress president. Seiki Hasegawa, Hyogo Medical College is a chairperson of Thoracic surgery. Akira Tangoku, Tokushima University is a chairperson of Esophageal surgery. We aim to create a new congress, where all members can enjoy their own academic ability fully.

The theme of the meeting is "Future Prospectives". In recent years, technical progress in the field of thoracic surgery has been remarkable, and surgical strategies such as thoracoscopic surgery and endovascular surgery have been diversified. Much discussions are needed, including the evaluation of clinical outcomes and the reconsideration of surgical indications. 2020 is a milestone year. In recent rapid technological progression, we should consider a near future with passionate discussions supposed to be 2030.

We invite Mr. Hiroshi Amano, the Faculty of Engineering Nagoya University, who won the Nobel Prize for the special lecture. He will give a talk titled "Transformative electronics on energy efficiency ". This is a future-oriented lecture on how to respond to global warming from the perspective of energy usage. We hope that it will be a very suggestive lecture even for surgeons.

AATS Mitral Conclave is held in New York every two years. AATS / JATS joint Mitral Conclave will be held on November 1 (Sun). Dr. David Adams and Dr. Hirokuni Arai of Tokyo Medical and Dental University will organize it as a moderator. Many world-renowned spea/kers, including Tirone E David, Pedro J. Del Nido, and Patrick Perier, will attending it. We hope that you can enjoy their hot discussion directly.

2020 is the year that the integrated project of the Society and local assembly begins. We establish a “Resident Challenge”, which is a challenging session for residents. Excellent case presentations, which are elected in local assembly, are presented and awards are won. The meeting of local assembly is a qualifying round and the JATS annual meeting is the final round. I would like to ask residents to try it out.

JATS makes major changes in management of the annual meeting. JATS has hired special staffs for a congress and organize it by ourselves. We make the annual meeting profitable and a part of the financial resources of the society. This is my promise as the chair of the Finance Committee. 2020 is the first year of the trial, there will be happen many deficiencies that may cause inconvenience for members. Please forgive us as it is the first year.

Late October is the best season for Nagoya. We hope that all members will come to Nagoya and enjoy your own annual meeting. We are looking forwards to seeing you in Nagoya.

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